A smell concept by Peter De Cupere

 What is the Blind Smell Stick?


The Blind Smell Stick is a smell concept by the Belgian artist Peter De Cupere. For more info about his other olfactory artworks visit his website

Explore the smells of your city, environment or another location by simply walking by and sniffing with the Blind Smell Stick.

The little bulb on top of the stick has holes in it and it detects the smells. With the use of a few mini ventilators, heating, and filters, the scents reach your nose through a special tube. You can wear dark sunglasses and really focus on the smells or you can also open the dark glasses and take a look at what you're smelling.

It's another way to explore a city or the surroundings.

The Blind Smell Stick lets you re-design the way you experience your life.  It's also a tool to help blind people to find their way and to help them enjoy their daily life more.

It has a lot of possibilities. We could make a smell line (Smell Groove) through the city and every street would have their own smell. That makes it easier on people to find their way and also makes it more pleasurable.




If you wish to explore the Blind Smell Stick in combination with the guided Smell Line, you can subscribe to the mailinglist on the official website of Peter De Cupere and you 'll receive a mail when the Blind Smell Stick 'll be shown in an exhibition.

For more special info contact the artist here.