A smell concept by Peter De Cupere

Blind Smell Stick P1

Blind Smell Stick P1 is the first working prototype. Inside P1 are some filters and mini ventilators working on 4 batteries. It's easier to smell even if you're not such a good smeller, depending of the place, the smell, humidity and heat the scents will be more intense.


Blind Smell Stick P2

At the moment we're working on the Blind Smell Stick P2 (prototype 2) which will look like a normal stick. P2 also uses ventilators but they'll be designed in a very special form. Besides the ventilator we will also use a mini heater and 3 filters. One filter will be in a ball form made from special plastics with static reaction and will be already inside the sniffing point (ball on top of the stick). P2 will be ready around August 15th. When the experience with the stick is better, - what we also expect, we'll start a production of the sticks.

Rough design of P2